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Our Ethos
Ssōne is a contemporary womenswear brand rooted in craft and committed to conscious progress. Founded in London in 2018, Ssōne is driven by a desire to create thoughtfully designed garments using rare textiles and traditional techniques that expose the visible hand.

Conscious of the world it inhabits, Ssōne is committed to researching and practising sustainable and responsible processes. This belief system forms Ssōne’s distinctive aesthetic that runs throughout the collections; joyously bringing together utility and romance,
craft and seduction,
function and elegance.
The result is a new formula for the modern wardrobe that will serve daily and last season after season.

With each piece Ssōne shares fabric origin, product lifecycle and craft behind the garment. Ssōne is for women who know what they like, want to make responsible choices and will, over time, build their own personal edit of pieces.

Our Community
Alongside the collection is Ssōne's nonprofit organisation Ssōne Circle, an evolving initiative that advocates community and craft
through a series of ongoing events.

Our Responsibility
Ssōne values responsible consumption and manufacturing choices; sourcing organic, recycled and natural materials,
engaging small community workers and supports living wage producers. A key area of research within the design team is the innovation of technical fabrications that aim to reduce environmental impact. Ssōne prioritises sustainable, low-water washing and natural botanical dye
processes that will long outlive the seasonal trends. The collections are underpinned by craftsmanship – an approach that is reviving the artisanal communities that preserve these crafts.

As part of our sustainability journey and belief in contributing to the well-being of our planet, we have proudly partnered with WeForest. This means for every Ssōne order dispatched, a tree will be planted. According to a study from Oxford University, trees are the most effective technology to help reduce carbon dioxide and reverse global warming.

Ssōne is committed to working towards a zero-waste future. Re-Ssōne is a series of evolving initiatives which repurpose offcuts from the production process, dead stock materials and vintage fabrics to create unique pieces and interior objects with seasonless appeal. By minimising waste through circularity, Ssōne seeks to reduce its impact on our environment, pioneering a new way of thinking about what we wear.