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The process of coming into existence or prominence.

Nature represents stillness and simplicity in winter,
growing energy and creativity in spring,
blooming fullness during the summer months
and a process of harvesting, releasing and slowing down in the autumn.

In this collection we take the mind to nature in bloom, the emotion of positivity, where we celebrate being born into a new world. Often we think of the flower but can forget about the process going on within the seed. Theseed is deep within the earth, in darkness. Without the darkness of the earth there is no growth or movement. We learn from the seed cycle that without the darkness, we would not appreciate the beauty of light.

This collection represents a wide eyed childish romantic naivety. Garments made of upcycled and responsibly woven yarns are highly crafted and hand finished. Organic bases are locally botanically hand dyed. Playful hand embroideries adorn sumptuous ENKA satins. Organic Indigo denims are gently washed for a naturally loved feel, while others denims are overdyed with biocompatible minerals and organic pigment to create a bright baby blue.

The colour palette is clean and naturally derived. The silhouette soft, feminine and timeless.

Without our challenges, we may never grow and explore who we truly are. Taking time to look to nature encourages us to become aware of this desire to move our lives forward and upward – like the seed pushing up out of the earth towards the light.

It also encourages us to look at where our roots need tending too.

Gee Jacket - £995

Gee Jacket - £995

Lottie Dress - £1,200

Reiko Dress - Coming Soon

Reiko Dress Short Sleeved - £450 - Coming Soon

Laurent Blouse Patchwork - £695

Laurent Blouse Cotton - £495 - Coming Soon

Nettie Skirt - £395 - Coming Soon

Nettie Skirt Patchwork - Coming Soon

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