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Daisy Walker x Ssōne

Daisy Walker

Daisy Walker is a photographer and filmmaker based in London. Her work is underpinned by a powerful exploration of the human body and a lifelong passion for the natural world. 


We visited Daisy in her South London home studio in anticipation of her exhibition 'Reunion' which will take place in our Chiltern Street store.

How did the collaboration come about between yourself and Ssōne?

The collaboration came about through a shared passion for sustainability and community. So much of Ssōne’s ethos aligned with my own and the themes in my work. The Ssōne store aims to be a community space for women which sounded like an echo of my own non-profit organisation, Women in Fashion. This was my first meeting after months distanced from the industry due to the coronavirus and it felt like the perfect coming together of minds & values.

When was the first time you felt called to do what you do?

I always knew I wanted to work in fashion and initially thought it would be as a stylist. I was interning as a stylist assistant and had started taking pictures on disposables during university and realised it was the images rather than the clothes that I was interested in.

Who, or what, has been your greatest influence?

Women & the environment. The female body has always been my source of inspiration as well as my tool to project my own ideas through imagery. I started shooting nudes as a means of expressing sexual trauma. It was a way to learn to fall in love with my own body and started to create a new connection to the way I treat my body and its environment. That still remains my driving force.

Do you have any daily rituals?

I wake up slowly without an alarm at about 7.30 or 8am and my partner brings me a coffee in bed. Once i’m fully awake I do a military class in the park or weights at home before i start my day. Then the day goes where it goes.

What clothing do you wear to work in?

It depends what stage of the work process I’m in. On set I wear something flexible- I tend to find myself rolling around on the floor fairly often. In the darkroom I dress for the seasons as it’s either searing hot in summer, or freezing in winter. For everything else I tend to decide on a side of myself for the day and dress for her.

What’s your view from your workplace? What does it smell like? What can you hear?

At home I look out upon the roofs of South London. We’re on the fourth floor with wooden beams, so it often feels like we’re in a treehouse looking out over the world. You can hear the nattering of neighbours below and the parakeets in the trees or the screeching of our local family of foxes. It smells of laundry and coffee and burnt sage.

When you aren’t making art, what else do you make?

I make soy candles, some rather questionable pottery and am always cooking. Ever since I was a child I found cooking and baking very soothing and I find it just as creative as any other art form.

What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired?

Seek out nature, always. The human eye can detect more shades of green than of any other colour. We are built to be surrounded by greenery and in touch with the natural world. If i’m feeling uninspired it’s generally because i’ve been caught up in the rat race of London, so seeking out nature always brings me back to myself.

Daisy wears our Christie Dress and Tina Boot


Photographs featured from our 'Hereafter' Campaign
Model: Phoebe Collings-James


See Daisy's Exhibition 'Reunion' on display at our Chiltern Street store from November 6th.